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is one thing you can't get for nothing.”

Guy is an independent Multidisciplinary Content Creator and Director.

Celebrating, this year,  23 years of creativity and commercial achievements.

Working in Israel and around the globe, Guy combines in his creations the understanding of marketing and storytelling, stage and video making, while keeping the client's needs first and staying within budget.

To him, the WHY is the starting point to every project.

Latest Projects


My story

My passion for the creative world started back in 1992 when I got my first still camera from my grandmother. I started experimenting with photography, which later evolved to studying the art of videography and video making. At 14, I directed my first live program for the Israeli National Television (from a music festival). While producing, directing and video-graphing a handful of video productions for local TV station and clients, I came to the understanding I love the stage and went on experimenting with theater studies. This ended up with an international degree in Theater studies and a performance in front of the American and Israeli officials in Budapest. 


At the beginning of 2001, I started my content production company, which in 2002 became a partnership named “Tzilum Pirsum” - A content production company based in Tel Aviv. In 2018, I sold “Tzilum Pirsum” and opened a Creative Solution company under my own name. 


It’s been about ten years since I started directing Business events and conferences. There is nothing like seeing everything happening in front of the audience after a long period in the making. My experience as a live broadcast director allowed me to be super precise when I run an event.


When the 2020 pandemic year hit, I examined my passion and chose projects that interested me the most. I’m proud to say that coming out of that year into 2021, I’ve grown and focused on my field of expertise. Nowadays, you can find me focusing on hybrid conferences, Live broadcasts, Running shows and conferences, Directing and creating content for Business events and Marketing videos for my newly based American Company "BG Creative Solution" as well as with my Israeli-based company "Guy Ben-Gad".

Live shows

Hybrid conferences

Content production

Creative Concept

Stage director

Off Camera Interviews

Brand Strategy

Marketing specialist

Managing teams

Marketing inovation 

My experience: Homepage_about

My experience

I've been the owner of a content production company for most of my professional life.
Starting 2018, I set on a new journey as an independent Multidisciplinary Content Creator for major clients around the globe

My experience: CV

Independent Multidisciplinary Content Creator and Director

I've owned a content production company for most of my professional life. Starting in 2018, I set on a new journey as an independent Multidisciplinary Content Creator for major clients around the globe. Major content productions for clients in Africa, China, USA and Europe - were all some of my stops along the journey.

2018 - present

Chairman of the board, Vocatikva NGO

4 years as a supporter of the Vocatikva ensemble led me to accept the nomination and now help the foundation develop and grow as the Chairman of the board. Vocatikva is a foundation led by musicians to support and help Israeli youth to overcome their life obstacles using the power of music.

Jan 2018 - present


An On-line crowdfunding platform. Enabling creative people to fund their projects and build a community. Thousands of creators created successful campaigns over the years.

During September 2019, the platform was sold to an amazing group of investors and expected to grow.

2012- Sep 2019


Owner/Director,             Tzilum Pirsum

A multidisciplinary director with a Marketing and content orientation. "Tzilum Pirsum" is a long-standing content production company based in Israel. The company produces content for International and local brands, small businesses and large corporates. Today known as "penguin agency".

2001- may 2018

Some of my work in video

Opening act Jerusalem Concert
SHEBA Memorial Day Concert 2023
B4C 2023 guy recap
Guy at B4C22
Light Up the Night - NJ
Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 23.40.16.png

A short list of my work 2001-2023

Links and more examples available upon request

Concerts and live shows - Director and concept developer or showrunner

Passerby - Authentic music celebration. China  - 2 tours
 - Authentic music celebration. Malawi, Africa 

Premonition - New World Dance Concert. Performs mainly in China 

VocaTikva A-Capella concert -17 vocalists without instruments at a street performance 

Commercials (TV/Cinemas)

Israel Railways national company - Director - commercials for all national channels 

Prigat (Coca-Cola’s juice brand in Israel) - Director - cinemas 

Cinema City International - Director - cinemas

Live events and trade shows - Director

Make a Wish (NGO) - 28 wishes were granted at an emotional event at the Ritz Carlton Hotel

Shiba Hospital 70th celebration  - 7000 employees in an open venue, musical numbers, an official ceremony

SpaceIl - Gala night 2017 hosted by the Kahn Foundation, honoring Bazz Aldrin

Purim company event - Live actors, videos and music numbers

Delishow - Main EU event at the Tel Aviv Europe white night

Dscoop (HP) Dublin - Visual and content for online

Israel’s first non-formal education conference

Expo Milano Israel pavilion - PR footage 

Tel Hashomer Hospital - Annual gala event 

Rappaport Foundation annual award ceremony 

Electra LTD end of the year event 

Digital print for corrugated packaging - HP event Barcelona - Concept director. Opening item director 

Girit Communication Annual Conference

Etgarim Annual Gala Event

Golbary winter annual fashion show - Concept director. Visual director

Golbary summer annual fashion show - Concept director. Visual director

Electra Consumer Foundation Event

Marketing videos - Director

Hundreds were produced and directed each year under my production company

Dori Kimchi - Director - Marketing video 

A new HP press arrives to Las Vegas - Director -Marketing video

STK - Marketing video - Director

AWS loft - Marketing video - Director

Drupa 2016 - Behind the scenes of the studio we opened at the show

Videos director for live events

Heseg Foundation annual event - Videos director - 8 videos 
Google Israel - Videos director 
Stratasys annual event - Videos director - 2 videos
Orbotech annual event - Videos director - 2 videos
Heseg Foundation annual event - Videos director - 6 videos

Live broadcasts and live to tape projects

Nike night run - Director - Live feed, multi-camera to main news channels - 1, 2, 10, YNET, WALLA
Election night 2013 - Director - Live feed, multi-camera to main news channels - 1, 2, 10
Tararam Saving the world - Director - DVD production, multi-camera 
Pronto celebrates 20 - Director - DVD production, multi-camera
MOSAIC - Israel Festival opening concert - Video director - DVD production, multi-camera
Maccabia opening event - Director - Live feed, multi-camera to worldwide broadcasters


“42.2 from heart to mind” - Facing diabetes while running a marathon - in progress - Director and videographer - 2011-2015