רוצים לדעת לפי איזה פרמטרים מאושרות התמונות בשאטרסטוק?

Review Guidelines

Our reviewer team’s philosophy is based on a number of variables with customer satisfaction as a principal theme. All content is reviewed with consideration of the following:

  • Technical execution -- this includes factors like lighting, focus, and noise for photo and video. For illustrations factors such as gradient and blend rendering, as well as path construction are evaluated.

  • Metadata -- titles and keywords are reviewed for accuracy and relevance, as well as compliance restrictions.

  • Intellectual property -- content is evaluated for potential trademark or intellectual property violations, as well as possible copyright infringements.

  • Releases - all content is evaluated for any necessary property or model release requirements and each release is reviewed for adherence to our release requirements.

  • Policy - submissions are monitored for adherence to Shutterstock content policies, like similar content and spamming.

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